Introducing the new International Top Up Card

Entebbe, Uganda - International Airtime Top Up™ has introduced a new International Top Up Card, to send and receive airtime instantly to more than 3 billion mobile phones worldwide that are connected across 250+ mobile network operators (MNOs) they partner with in East Africa and over 100 countries.

The International Airtime Top Up™ Card is available at selected outlets initially in Entebbe, Kampala and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. The card face value is 16,000 Uganda Shillings, which is equivalent to $5 USD to send mobile top ups to the destination country currency including, Kenya Shillings, Burundi Franc, Rwanda Franc, Tanzania Shillings, South African Rand, Central African Franc, Euro and USD. There are no transaction fees with International Airtime Top Up as compared to traditional money transfer worldwide services.

International Airtime Top Up™ service is targeting low to medium income people and businesses for financial inclusion, to enable them transfer small values to mobile phones across borders. It also targets people in underserved and unbanked markets who do not have access to banks. This includes traders, students studying abroad, tourists, business travelers, migrant workers and refugees on the move.

How to recharge and top up mobile phones worldwide across networks, countries and currencies with International Airtime Top Up™ Card via their website

1. Go to using any smart phone, laptop or computer worldwide 

2. Select country to send top up to e.g. Burundi

3. Select Payment Method (International Top Up Card)

4. Enter your International Airtime Top Up Card number e.g. 7825715

5. Enter the phone number to be recharged without country code e.g. 704000000 for Econet Burundi

6. Press Top Up now

What is even more interesting is that for one to use this card via the website, there are no service charges. This International Top Up Card is likely to answer the most challenging problems that travelers, business men & women and International Students face within the region.

With the current economic integrations and common market zones, I highly believe the International Airtime Top Up™ Card will be the key in enabling smaller value airtime transfers at affordable rates within the East African Community.

In talking to Lawrence Zikusoka, Co-Founder and CEO, International Airtime Top Up™, they are working on a Mobile Money Top Up Card, to send and receive money instantly to phones across other mobile money networks in the East Africa emerging markets.


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