Six Qualities that Make You a Good Youth Mentor

Mwebya Fred:
As I personally prepare to attend the fourth coming CIP hands on holiday program this September 5th to 7th 2016 at Kitante Primary School, I found it important to share what I think are the major important qualities of a good youth mentor. CIP is a Career Imagination Program that is set to inspire a generation of Ugandan youths to use their natural talents, inspirations, passions and determinations to become business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Young people agree that you are more likely to influence their life path if you possess the following six qualities.
1. You are Supportive
By far, the most important role of a mentor is to support and encourage young people, particularly as they struggle to overcome obstacles and solve problems. When young people feel down, upset with their families, or unhappy in their life situations, mentors are beside them, letting them talk about anything and reminding them of their innate value.

2. You are an Active Listener
Mentors listen first and speak last.  Many teens mentioned how little they feel listened to by most adults. Often, they feel inferior even when they have good ideas. But mentors are different. They always listen, even when they are not obligated to do so.

3. You Push -- Just Enough
As parents can attest, most teens do not respond well to being pushed out of their comfort zones, particularly within families. But teens really like to have high expectations set for them – both academically and personally. They appreciate when mentors push them beyond what they may have imagined they could accomplish. In fact, this is likely the reason why mentored youths from disadvantaged backgrounds are twice as likely to attend college.   

4. You Have Authentic Interest in Youth as Individual
Teens can tell the difference between adults who are authentically interested in them as individuals and those who are just playing a role. Mentors engage youth to understand all aspects of their lives and interests. They value young people’s ideas and honor their changing feelings and moods.

5. You Foster Self Decision-Making
Good mentors do not judge young people or impose their own beliefs on them. Instead they remind teens who they are and help them believe they have the insights to make good choices. Knowing they are not being judged helps young people think through decisions critically, sifting through the deeper values that will inform the adults they become.

6. You Lend Perspective
Adult mentors provide perspective to young people from their additional years of life experience. When obstacles seem overwhelming, mentors help put those challenges in perspective. They also help young people see both sides of a situation, helping model the skills of positive skepticism.

Here is a video that describes more about the Career Imagination Program (CIP)


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