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Tuesday, 4 June 2013



I can not forget the time i thought i would be a pilot when i grow up,so much i always thought that was my calling and dream not until the time to make a choice of which combination to pursue at High School Level.

In Africa, the education curriculum still follows the 1900 system that was introduced by the colonial masters at the time. No wonder the wrong choices and decisions that  that we make during our education journey.
The question would be ,how do we make career choices?

A career is a path that one decides to take in life,just like any other paths of life. The moment a wrong path is taken,the the destination is not certain and that's exactly how education is. Today so many children start school at the age of three while still very young hoping to be guided through by their teachers and parents which at times is all futile.
Career guidance is mandatory if children are to make the right choices in life and then create a clear path for a successful life.

My advice goes to parents and teachers to always ensure that career guidance is part of the education of their children if we are to forge better future careers for the children.

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