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Friday, 19 July 2013


Ladies and gentlemen leadership has so many definitions but to me i will define leadership as the power to influence and cause a change in people's lives. In addition to that, leadership to make clear meaning to society then it has to cause a positive impact in their lives. Today I am going to discuss with you how to become a great leader that can change and touch the lives of millions of people.

There are so many styles of leadership that one can adopt and then drive society to where they want it to be but to me these are the ones that I consider best;
1. Leading Quietly( Quiet Leadership)
2. Charismatic Leadership (Leading by Charisma)
3. Shared Leadership
4. Traditional Leadership

For the purpose of this article I am going to concentrate on the Shared Leadership style which in its implementation contains Quiet Leadership and Charismatic Leadership. Unlike the traditional leadership that simply concentrates on maintaining what is already in existence but does not initiate new policies and systems to drive society to another level. Shared leadership considers the society challenges, involves initiation of new policies and systems geared towards solving society problems. For this reason shared leadership has over time proved to the best style of leadership over time.

Becoming a great leader is a very easy step to achieve but requires a lot more effort than a common man would think. Here are a few steps to becoming an all generation Leader;
1. A good leader must be a good reader
2. A good leader always seeks knowledge
3. A good leader is always willing to take risks on behalf of society
4. A good leader must have sympathy and empathy for society
5. A good leader should be a good learner (always learn from the past mistakes)

6. A good leader must be resilient at all times
7. A good leader must substitute the word I with We
8. A good leader must be willing to take everyday challenges
9. A good leader must be able to think about thought
10. A good leader must always listen, react and give feedback.
With the above points in focus, leadership is an ever changing game that no good leader can afford cramming society's needs. History is a platform for learning and changing society.

Mwebya Fred,
P.o Box 5431,
Kampala Uganda

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