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Friday, 27 February 2015


If you have found yourself reading this article please do not stop here because one thing for sure at the end of your reading you will either say thank you in the comments box or You will share it with all your Peers.
Today I am drawing all my attention on the different ways a youths in the 21st century can easily create employment for themselves. As a fresh graduate or youth whose contract has ended at your recent job, there are many ways to create employment ,one is to focus on your environment look for a problem that you can solve which earns you something at the end of the day.
Secondly Utilize the talents and unique God given gifts and hobbies to translate them into commercial Value. Here do not forget the Story of "Gifted Hands" If one of your hobbies is photography, take good pictures, sell them to make an extra buck.

If you have lost your job recently or finally finished your hard-earned degree, but have yet to receive that first sweet offer of employment, keep this in mind: Do not panic. The good and sort of bad news is that you are not alone. The better news is that your situation is not permanent. The even better news is that, if you can think outside the box ,start adding corporate-speak to your vocabulary. There are things you can do now to keep yourself employed while you are dealing with being unemployed.

Become a freelancer
You do not have to punch a clock at the same office from 9am to 5pm every day of the week to make a living. Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss and deciding how much you work and how much your work is worth by freelancing. It takes some discipline, but anyone can do it.
There are plenty of websites where you can look for, ask for and chat with other freelancers about jobs in your skill set. Make contacts and acquaintances.
These could come in handy to help you connect with employers who need contract labour for all kinds of work, as well as other veteran freelancers who can help you navigate this new territory.

Power of hobbies
Now that you have more time on your hands, maybe it is time to make those things you already to enjoy pay you back. Do you have a hobby that could turn a profit?
The activities you do in your free time could become a small cottage industry for you, while you figure out what your next career move is.
If you like to sew, start doing alterations for your friends and family. If you can bake, offer to make cupcakes for upcoming parties for a small fee. If you like photography, take photos.
Even buying and selling things online can go from something you used to do sometimes to get rid of stuff, to a service you can provide to people who do not want to deal with the hassle. No matter what you do, just make sure you get a cut and do not offer to do something you are not capable of doing.

Use all of your skills
Even if you are a trained accountant or used to make money as a mortgage lender, you must have other, outside-of-work skills. If you are someone who is handy around the house, try getting work as a handyman doing small jobs for friends and neighbors at home.
If you are good at painting, you can help someone else finish that home-improvement project he has been putting off. All those things you never had time to do yourself can now be the things that you do for other people, for money.

Use Social Media
There are as many opportunities on social media as there is in any other job sectors. In fact there are more jobs on the web than any other sector in the world. Starting from the manufacturers of the hardware devices  and software applications to the users in markets and industries. The question is, Did  you know that Social media can become your permanent Job and make real money.
Find both small and medium companies that want to have their presence online ,fully discuss how you can help them gain online visibility through Social media. Believe me they will realize how much impact you are having on their returns and you will be paid for your services hence earning a living.

Make it an effort to discuss this with all your peers who are seeking employment or have recently lost their jobs. I am more than sure that you will thank me later.

By Mwebya Fred
On twitter @Ugaman01

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