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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Social Media is Your New SEO Strategy.

The way people search for content online has changed with Social Media and SEO intertwining more than ever. There’s therefore no doubt that social media plays a significant role in your SEO strategy. SEO is Search Engine Optimization in full and this helps out on how your content is ranking on Search Engines through the Search Engine Results Page ranking.  
But can social media help your SEO strategy?  This is the biggest question that every SEO Strategist finds hard to answer sometimes. In my own view I do believe that Social Media is a great tool in Facilitation of a Successful SEO strategy. You bet! And here’s why:

Social Media ranks in search results
If you google your brand’s name or any brand’s name for this matter, you will notice that the social media profiles are most of the times among the top results. So there is no doubt that your social media presence can influence the essence of your search results.
More than that, the fact that your social media profiles are being ranked, contributes to overall brand awareness, adding a more engaging touch for people that search for your brand online. There are hundreds of results that show up when certain key words are used on the search engine but it’s very clear that those that have active pages on social media platforms will show up. Usually the LinkedIn profile page link, Facebook and Twitter links. 

It’s very clear that when searching for content online the search engine results page always gives you alternatives from the web, Videos, Images, News and many more search engine tools. I bet now you can actually tell why Pintrest, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are very important for your SEO strategy. It’s very perceptible that a product without social existence and has no blogged content will rarely surface in the Search Engine Results as Compared to that that has a strong existence on social media platforms.

Brand awareness
Social media is a significant factor to raising your brand awareness. Relevant content, high quality engaging posts and high engagement are parts of an increased online presence, which in turn leads to more searches on Google as your audience gets more familiar with your brand. And they way Google works, the more people search for your brand, the more likely it is that your brand will rank for relevant keywords in your industry. It’s important to note that selected key words relevant to your content or product increase your SEO by almost 45%  

The new partnership between Google and Twitter
 Recently, Google and Twitter announced their partnership. What this practically means is that all public tweets will be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they are posted. This implies that the content you post on Twitter will become more important with your tweets being even stronger drivers of traffic for your website.

 The question we all need to ask ourselves is that why the heck Google would go ahead and form a partnership with Twitter? The answer lies in anything you think but because twitter is a micro search engine that people use to find content and products. Hence having the twitter search results included in the original Google search results offers a variety of options to the searcher. If Google would read that in the first place why wouldn’t your company or business put eyesight on Social Media? 

Social search is a thing
Neil Patel is a SEO guru and he said it loud and clear: Social is the new SEO. The rise of social media has changed the way people search for brands and content online with social media platforms functioning as powerful search engines. In fact, Twitter has reported that it handles a whopping 1.6 billion search queries a day, whereas according to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook reported 1 billion search queries through its platform.
 Social media can boost natural links
If your blog post get shared by 100 people on social media, that’s great; but if gets shared by 1000 people that’s even better, right? This way, search engines validate your content as trust worthy and your brand is marked as an authority in your niche.

Blogging about your products and services is a great way of communicating to clients. Blogs that belong to companies are far much trusted by clients than the video ads and bill boards. Here is the reason why, blog posts provide far more crucial details about a product or company than Video ads and Bill Boards. Blogged articles are far cheaper in terms data costs to the clients.  
Social media can be a significant source of natural links to your website and at the same time contribute to your brand’s authority with a positive impact on your search engine rankings. But how do you make sure that your content gets amplified?

It all starts with creating content that is relevant and useful to your target audience and it is optimized for social sharing. Next to that, it is important to implement an integrated social media strategy that focuses on amplification, building relations and developing trust with your community.

SEO is not just about Google. A modern SEO strategy needs to take into account all the different ways people search for content online and understand that social media is part of it. In the end, it’s all about building relationships, developing trust and establishing a strong online presence for your brand. It’s very salient to know that the sixth era of Customer relationship creation has gone to a whole new Seventh era of marketing where customers are looking for experience. Vividly ensure that all your content puts out an awesome customer experience that can be felt as a result of consuming your products and services.
By Mwebya Fred (Bsci.Fin)

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  1. This is the biggest question that every SEO Strategist finds hard to answer sometimes. In my own view I do believe that Social Media is a great tool in Facilitation of a Successful SEO strategy. You bet! And here’s why: