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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Free Medical Camps Helping Many Ugandans learn about their Health:

Mind Leaders Uganda happened to have attended the recently concluded Health for Everyone Medical Camp that took place at the Acacia Mall, Kampala Uganda. This medical camp was sponsored by Imperial Bank Uganda Limited in Partnership with The Aga Khan University Hospital. This was the Camp’s second year running which has seen many individuals get free medication and consultations from the medical experts. Having followed the event on Social Media, we decided to reach out to the event and find out more how the free medical camps are helping many Ugandans learn about their health.
Imperial Bank Staff Donating Blood
On reaching Acacia Mall roof top, we were welcomed by the magnificent set up different tents from various companies providing medical related services to all those that made an effort to attend the three day event. Among the participant companies was Imperial Bank Tent where Blood donation was taking place, Bomgi Nutraceuticals Limited – the producer of an All-in-one Molinga Immune Booster, Mukwano group of companies that gave out medicated soap to participants and taught them good feeding habits, The Aga Khan Hospital tent that provided free cancer screening for all and other medical consultancies, Unity Skin Clinic that examined those with skin diseases and infections at the Camp. Not forgetting The Paradise Fitness City which enlightened the partakers on the importance of regular exercising of our bodies and The Uganda Cares group that provided the Free HIV testing services at the camp and many more other organizations.
The biggest question one would ask is, why organize Free Medical Camps? For this particular situation there was nobody better suited to answer the question other than Martha Osiro the center Manager Aga Khan Universty Hospital Kampala and the fore organizer of this Medical Camp for the Second year running. The following is what she highlighted as some of the reasons that prompted them to set up the Medical Camp;

·         There is great need in our societies to raise the health awareness to people like the Cancer and Strokes awareness, HIV-AIDS awareness, blood sugar levels, cholesterol &fat levels etc.  Many individuals do not know about these diseases and very few have taken the trouble to go to hospitals and acquire the information hence the need for free medical camps.
Some of the Staff from Uganda Cares

·         Learning about individual health and how to maintain a disease free body is one of the aspects of a happy individual and family life. Due to the presence of professional medical personnel and counselors enables individuals learn more about their health.

·         Free Medical camps provide an opportunity to all those that cannot afford paying for medical services at hospitals due to financial constraints. The organizers found it important to set up such a camp to avail an opportunity of free medical services.

·         Continuous improvement in the levels of engagement of the community with the medical professionals.  For a vast majority of people in society they only wait to visit a doctor when they are ill which should not be the usual case. This camp helps community members to get used to the culture of medical checkups.

The above reasons and many more is what brought about the health focused decision by The Aga Khan University Hospital and their partners to organize the Free Medical Camp. It’s therefore our major call for all those other companies that can organize events of the same caliber to take it upon themselves to help societies get access to once in a while free medication. We also think companies can go further to set small health centers that not only provide health services to their direct employees but to the surrounding society as well.  
Raising awareness in our communities is one of the factors that will help create a healthy and disease free society that can efficiently be able to work and educate children. Communities that are healthy are always in better position to fight poverty and its related consequences. 
Some participants and Staff from Bomgi Africa
 We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following companies and individuals that made the Free Aga Khan Medical camp a Success. 

·         Acacia Mall Management for providing the Venue. 

·         Aga Khan University Hospital

·         Imperial Bank Uganda Limited

·         Uganda Cancer Institute

·         Bomgi Nutraceuticals Limited

·         Mukwano Group of Companies

·         Unity Skin Clinic – Acacia Mall

·         Paradise Fitness City –Acacia Mall

·         Sugar Cubes Team

·         Health Care Limited

·         Gittoes Pharmaceuticals

·         Prof. Brian Holmes- Bomgi Africa

·         Martha Osiro- Aga Khan University Hospital

By Mwebya Fred


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