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Monday, 26 October 2015

How to Leverage on Twitter Features to become a #SocialMedia pro in your industry:

#1 Twitter Lists. The lists give you control in categorizing your followers and fans. The lists can be Private or public

#2 Twitter Moments/Highlights. This feature lets you explore trending and global events, news and breaking stories.

 #3 Twitter Profile Favoriting. This feature allows users to mark profile accts with a star icon so as to be notified on new updates.

#4 Who to follow Suggestions. This feature uses your platform history and your contacts/followers to recommend people to follow.

 #5 Twitter Ads. This is an advertising feature on which promotes your tweeted content. It also gives you access to analytics.

#6 Twitter Search Box. This feature allows you to search for key words or topics. Its also searches for trending #tags. #SEO

#7 Twitter Widgets: They let you display your Twitter updates on your website/blog site. These can also be set to auto post.

#8 The Tweet button. A Tweet button lets others share your website or blog content via their twitter accounts

 #9 Keyboard shortcuts. Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts when using the Twitter website? Yes, there are:

#10 Twitter Accounts. This feature lets you manage more than one Twitter account on one Device. An awesome feature for #SM managers.

By Mwebya Fred


  1. Nice shortlist of Twitter Features. Right now I don't really use twitter much, except for my blog auto-posting my posts to my twitter feed. I should take some time out to build my twitter following, but need to find the time to learn how...

  2. Liked this, I use twitter alot and was unaware of the keyboard short cuts