Out of Airtime!!! With International Airtime Top Up, you can send airtime instantly across other networks in Uganda via your mobile phone and pay using MTN Uganda Mobile Money.

International Airtime Top Up™, an easy, secure and affordable top up and recharge service provider has introduced a new product to its portfolio of services. The new product is called Uganda Top Up, a service that enables all those registered with MTN Uganda Mobile Money accounts to send airtime across all major local networks in Uganda including, UTL, Airtel, Vodafone and Africell. The recipient gets top up amount instantly on their network. The sender and receiver get a SMS confirmation on their phone number. Customers do not need to sign up or login to use the service. There is no internet connection required. MTN Uganda Mobile Money and USSD charges may apply.

This new service is expected to greatly ease communication with family, friends and businesses on the move, due to the fact that society can now pay using their MTN Uganda Mobile Money via mobile phones to send top ups to any prepaid phone number across other networks in Uganda we cover. The service is also expected to help the increasing number of mobile subscribers in Uganda and within the East African Community (EAC) who may find it difficult to access shops to buy scratch cards for their other network anytime, anywhere.

How Uganda Top Up Works

1.      Dial *210*10# via your mobile phone. Welcome to International Airtime Top Up

2.      Select a service, Uganda Top Up (UTL, Airtel, Vodafone, Africell)

3.      Enter top up phone number e.g. 0752400000

4.      Select top up amount e.g. 2,000 UGX, 3,000 UGX, 5,000 UGX, 10,000 UGX 

5.      You will receive a notification. Enter your MTN Uganda Mobile Money PIN to confirm 

6.      The recipient gets top up amount instantly on their network

International Airtime Top Up™ is affordable. Send airtime top up and recharge mobile phones across other networks in Uganda.

Send Top Up
The recipient gets  
Top Up Amount
(on their network)
(to sender)
1,000 UGX
1,000 UGX
500 UGX
2,000 UGX
2,000 UGX
500 UGX
3,000 UGX
3,000 UGX
550 UGX
5,000 UGX
5,000 UGX
1,070 UGX
10,000 UGX
10,000 UGX
1,500 UGX

In addition to Uganda Top Up product innovation, International Airtime Top Up™ has extended the service and access to enable instant airtime transfers worldwide through its international top up gateway (technology) during Q1 2015. Our technology is connected to 250+ mobile networks worldwide in over 100 countries and 80 destination currencies that reach more than 3 billion subscribers.
International Airtime Top Up™ allows consumers and businesses to send International Top Up and pay using MTN Uganda Mobile Money via our website or dial *210*10# (new). Alternatively, pay using your Bank Card issued by 14 bank partners at Interswitch East Africa ATMs and 400+ Point of Sale locations in Uganda we cover. International Airtime Top Up™ Authorized Resellers in Uganda, Kenya and other countries can enter Top Up Card via our website or dial +18723028084  (global access number) using any mobile phone or landline in the world. There is no extra hardware or software investment. We will continue to improve the ability of people and businesses around the world to stay connected all the time.
At International Airtime Top Up™, we believe in a society that is connected and enabled to communicate 24/7. That’s why the recipient of airtime top ups can instantly make calls, send and receive SMS, email and videos, use social media and browse the internet on their network. For more information about our services, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our website.

Let us know what you think about International Airtime Top Up™ experience.
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For customer support call us on: +256 312 301833 (Uganda)  
Please email us at: support@internationalairtimetopup.com 
Partner with us at: reseller@internationalairtimetopup.com 
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