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Monday, 6 June 2016

Being a Global Citizen- Mohammad Ali

"We shall get noticed by our actions" is the quote that can fairly open up this small article that I have been thinking about from the time the demise of the world's Greatest Muhammad Ali hit the media.  I am still thanking God for having enabled me to live and read about a selfless man who did not brag about his superiority achievements in sports but lowered himself to serve the common man in his society.

Having been born in the 1940's before the era of the internet but had influence that reached almost all corners of the earth,  I have no doubt that his actions were actually more prominent than the current day internet.

There absolutely no doubt that the world and the coming generation are going to miss Muhammad Ali's physical presence but his actions shall speak to many generations to come.

I know God gave to the world such a great gift so that many of us that have lived to see him may learn from his example and make the world a better place.  Gone too soon world's greatest and may the good lord strengthen your Family and friends.

Here is what the daughter of Mohammad Ali,  Hana Ali revealed shortly after his demise.

Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali,  Rest in Peace CHAMP!!!!

By Mwebya Fred


  1. Well written Mwebya, we've definitely lost a global citizen.

  2. Touched by Hana Ali's words and how strong the greatest Mohammad Ali was even in his last minutes... Thanks for sharing Mwebya.