The IBM Power and Storage Training Experience.

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It is important that we learn something new everyday and so was the case when I attended the IBM Power and Storage training. I must say I am not very technical when it comes to Information Technology, however I am very phenomenal when it comes to practical usage of gadgets and IT equipment.
You may be surprised, just like I was when I heard that by the year 2020, its estimated that  50 billion devices will be connected. The internet of things is real and its here with us. Often times I hate the future of technology and how much its going to make us lazy but I also can not take away the fact that we are going to have work and other activities done more efficiently and effectively. For example there will be a technology that will help us understand the people we deal with without necessarily asking them a question and this will enable service providers improve on their quality of service.

Image Credit: IBM

The future of technology has so many features that are going to change the way things are done and probably create new ways of getting better results compared to today in a much faster and effective way. The technology of Cloud and Cognitive features are some of the many new trends that are going to bring a shift in the way man lives and operates. Lets now look closely at these two;
 Bring the power of cognitive computing

Give your apps the ability to interact with your customers in place of a call center or other outdated end-user interface. Watson combines a number of cognitive techniques to help you build and train your bot by defining intents and crafting dialogue to simulate conversation. Common applications include virtual agents and chat bots that can fully integrate and communicate on any channel or device.
Speech to Text

Speech to Text service converts the human voice into the written word. Machine intelligence enables this service to combine grammar and language information to accurately transcribe meetings and conference calls, add voice control to embedded systems, and dictate email and notes.

Visual Recognition
Visual Recognition allows users to understand the contents of an image or video frame. Better understand what types of images are relevant to your business and how could you benefit from understanding and organizing those images based on their contents.
IBM Cloud
Video Solutions that help you engage and Earn.
When it comes to customer engagement , many organizations today find it very hectic to consistently engage with business customers and partners. With the new future of IBM , here is what will now be possible for businesses to experience;
Multi Screen Streaming.
Image Credit: IBM
Seamlessly manage a comprehensive Over The Top (OTT) content- streaming video service from content delivery to user experience and insight revealing analytics.
Corporate Communications.
Transform employee communication by producing secure internal video assets that provide individual viewer tracking.
Live Events
Put the potential of live content to work at a global scale with time tested tools optimized for streaming video content online and integrating social media.
Workflow and Distribution
Monetize and fuel your business with multiscreen logistics that can simplify content management and distribution in a multiscreen, multi business model environment.
Introduce campaigns, generate leads, launch products and track responses, while leveraging the persuasive power of highly immersive video content.
With the ability to store huge sums of data in all formants , there is no doubt that the future of technology will not only make mans workload simpler but will also enable organization, store , analyze and keep track of their data.
Image Credit: IBM
Learning the future of technology sometimes seems impossible until it is done. The above features and experiences described are some of the lessons learned at the IBM Power and Storage training. However there is a lot more to learn from the IBM website, . Check out this link and lets share your feelings and thoughts about the exciting future of IT.
By Mwebya Fred