Collective Offices Are the Ultimate Startup Accelerator

By Mike Kordvani: Launching a startup is the dream of many. However, starting a startup that finds success is by no means a guarantee not matter how hard you work. The key to turning a killer idea into a killer business is to work both smart and hard, and one of the smartest decisions a leader of a startup could ever make is to choose not to work in an ordinary office building but to instead to go with a collective office.
What exactly is a Collective Office?

A collective office is office space with an open floor plan that you can rent by the day, week, or month. Due to its open layout, a collective office often has a variety of different clients all working on their own businesses and dreams at the same time. Most collective offices also have meeting rooms for rent along with all sorts of perks.
Collective Offices Generate Synergy

A collective office is a genuine Startup Accelerator because it generates synergy like no other work location can.
Think about it… To get the most out of our professional lives, we've got to enjoy our office space, our colleagues, and the other folks working in our building. Otherwise, we all might as well work from home in our robes while watching Jerry Springer. But, we don’t want to do that, do we? We want to enjoy our work as much as we enjoy our lives. The more we enjoy what we do, the more we will want to work as a team.  
A collective office also flattens the hierarchy of the traditional office. In a collective office, managers are not huddled behind the doors of their offices, they are out and among the staff where they can and do collaborate and build powerful synergy!  

However, the open-floor design of a collective office not only encourages us to engage fully with our colleagues, it also gives us the opportunity to interact with other, like-minded people working on their own startups. In fact, many collective offices concurrently host multiple startups at any one time. The connections you make in a collective office with people you would otherwise never ever meet will give you new ways of viewing your startup.  

Collective Offices Offer Great Flexibility

By renting collective office space by the week or month, you have great flexibility. As your startup grows, you can either rent additional space at your collective office or move to a new space without penalty. Startups need to be as flexible as possible.
Collective Offices Are in Amazing Locations
There are collective offices all around the world to include Manhattan, Singapore, London, Washington DC, Hong Kong and pretty much any other hip place you could think of.

Imagine being wherever you are right now, perhaps Las Vegas, with a lifelong dream of wanting to move your company to Manhattan. You could do that right now simply by renting collective office space in the Big Apple over the internet. Easy-peasy….

Moreover, relocating to a city that is packed with others doing what you do is an awesome startup accelerator.

Collective Offices Have Cray Cray Perks 
Happy employees are great employees, so do what you can to keep your people smiling. Thankfully, collective offices are loaded with all sorts of crazy perks of the type that Google and other tech companies have made famous. And, the more your staff play ping pong, sing karaoke, and pop popcorn together, the more powerful of a synergizing startup incubator your office will be!

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