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Thursday, 28 December 2017

The Best Social Media Influencer Tips from Naomi Mutua

Naomi Mutua
The following influencer tips were shared by Naomi Mutua in one of her Twitter sessions where she shares ideas about social media and how to become a digital media rock star.
"I have been on both sides... as an influencer and as an agency rep.
However... there are some things that creatives / influencers can do to improve their value and uptake of their work. This is strictly my opinion."- Naomi Mutua

1. On influencers:
You must be clear on your work and your niche. Lots of influencers have lost their believability cause of hopping around brands and promoting everything. Your audience sees through it. As an influencer, it means you have an opinion that is often heard, whether your audience agree with it is another thing. But swaying the audience is key. Hence term influencer.
In addition, the notion of an influencer has changed. Our opinion leaders used to be people in higher authority or positions. Now, our peers and likes are also shaping opinions, and in time, rising as opinion leaders.

2. As content creators:
You must find a medium that works for you & hone it. Is it visual, audio, written etc.?Do you also have a preferred platform, or a combination of platforms that work?
In my experience, one platform supported by others works e.g. blog supported by social.
3. On content:
Please don't copy paste what someone else is doing. Find your style and voice and do it as best you can. You can't always replicate what the other person can, and can't imitate. Be you.
4. On payment:
Money is the best form of payment. It will pay bills and more. However, consider what you can get in lieu of payment. I know some who convert payment to airtime/data or connectivity, cable TV, shopping vouchers, etc. It goes to reducing their monthly spending. Sometimes it's not that the business/brand cannot pay, but that the budgets aren't available to the team at the moment. So if anything else but cash is offered, consider if it will serve your needs. In my own experience, I often trade fully paid travel experiences for money.
5. Know your worth.
I get frustrated sometimes when someone complains that one blogger/influencer was paid more than the other. It's my job to get a great rate for the client, but if you come to me without a rate card, you give me the upper hand. Do you know your rate? How do you calculate your worth?
You've got to learn to do it and find a rate that will translate into a viable "salary". Figure out how much others in the same job are paid. What makes them the best in their field? Can you match it? Can you give a better rate?
Don't just give a rate for the sake of doing it. Also know how to calculate the time it takes to deliver your work. The hours you spend (genuinely) creating content is key to your rate. Also...the equipment you have invested in... how long + how much will it take to pay it off?

6. Deliver quality work, on time.
There is nothing better than working with an influencer who is professional and knows what they are doing. They also ensure they're on time for meetings, prep beforehand, and deliver to the set KPIs.
It makes for a much better biz relationship.
7. Lastly: Do your paperwork right
Quote, Invoice/bill, Taxes, and Banking. Half the time influencers won't do the right paperwork, leading to delays in payment. Also don't be shy about asking for your payments. If you've delivered on time, work to get your payment done on time.
At the end of it, as a content creator, you hold the leverage. You're the connection between brands and audiences.. utilize it. Oh and for those few who are divas... please...  come to the table being professional. No-one wants to work with a bad attitude. Good luck.

About The Author:
Naomi Mutua
Deputy Managing Partner, social @Ogilvy,
Ogilvy Public Relations (K)
5 years Scangroup , between Scanad Scanad Digital and Ogilvy Public Relations
Focus on digital strategy, brand reputation, crisis management, brand reputation and Influencer Management.
Passions: Cat rescue, animal welfare, cupcake-ry, travel and rugby.
Instagram: Twitter @AKenyanGirl


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