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Friday, 3 July 2015

FAILURE: Why Taking Risks &Failing Is The Path to Success:

Every individual at one point in life has faced failure in one way or another, however many of us fear to fail simply because we think it’s an end in itself. Today I want to share with all our readers reasons why failure is important and to remember that behind every successful story there are several failed attempts. The story of success and failure for students, doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, politicians and many other individuals in various sectors differs but risk and failure are intersection words in this set.

I clearly remember how failing mathematical questions in my Primary Four motivated me to improve. It’s always true that the only real mistake is one from which we learn nothing. The path that we all take is full of mistakes, challenges and failures but that’s what makes us stronger to be in position to think better and improve our weaknesses. In all the activities that we engage in failure is part of the cycle most especially if it involves an element of risk. I have learned to accept that failure is a very big factor when it comes to entrepreneurship. defines an Entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with a considerable initiative and risk.”

 All break through stories involve an element of risk and with risk there are two likely outcomes, either success or failure. We all love to be successful but often times we fear to fail. Thinking outside the box is one of the hardest things most especially when you think about things that have never been done before. The moment new ideas come up we always start to imagine if they will work out or fail. We then tend to insure and close all the possibilities of our fresh ideas failing. The zeal to think harder and smarter is as a result of fear to fail, the reason that makes Failure a very important aspect of life. Here are some reasons why failure and taking risks are the true path to success in whatever activity that we decide to indulge ourselves in.
Failure is inevitable because the chances of a positive outcome is 50% and the chance of a negative outcome still stands at 50% When one tosses a coin expecting the head to show up but ends up having a tail shows us that chance is not one sided and therefore we should never expect positive results all the time. Negativity is a relatively sweet word that is usually used to replace failure. We tend to feel much better when we disclose to society how our intended projects got negative results, yet the reality is that the project failed. There is no negative result that insinuates positive or successful outcomes, negative results are failed results.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. It is until we have failed at something that we start to think of ways how to become better at this particular thing so that we reduce the chances of failure. I have been blogging since 2012 on more than one blog pages simply because I was avoiding the possibility of one page failing and then giving up on my writing passion. The shield that I put behind my blogging passion is creating many pages so that after a certain period of time I am able to pick which blog page will work for me. If I had not started many other pages I would never have been able to make a choice that the Mind Leaders Uganda blog page is the best out of the rest. This means that we do not have a choice until we have something started. If you are not willing to try and fail then you are planning to reduce your success choices in life.

I have heard and seen many start up managers confess the reasons they gave up on investing in new ventures and decided to join those that have their businesses that belong to the category of successful businesses. The perception of failure usually comes along with emotions and many times we tend to forget that we failed because we either skipped or under scored the things that would bring us success. Great successful start-up managers will tell you that new discoveries are born in the ashes of failure. There is no great opportunity to reflect on what you have done wrong after failing miserably like the one after experiencing a failed venture. I commonly witness sports clubs review their performances at the end of a particular season to forge ways forward. Firing and hiring is the most expected result whenever business and organizations start to deal with negative results.

The reason failure is a path to success is because nobody wants to associate themselves to failure hence we all work and think extra hard to be on the other successful side of the story. Keep trying and experimenting so as to find what works and what does not work. In summary failure a necessary part of the process in making new discoveries and creating success.

By Mwebya Fred


  1. For me it is all about ensuring that in years I can look back and say while it may not have worked but a least I gave it a go

  2. "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained" - Words to live by. Most people won't step out of their comfort zone to go after their goals. That is the only way to be successful. Don;t let the negative attitudes bring you down.