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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The 7 Best Ways of Using Webinars in 2017 and Beyond.

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and sometimes answer polls. Today webinars can be done on many different platforms unlike in the past.

Here are the seven most common of using webinars that everyone is doing lately;
1. Training / Product Demonstration:
Often, new customers want to learn about how a service or product works beyond the simple instructions. Using a webinar platform, you can schedule training or demonstration sessions with customers to give them more value for their investment.
2. Corporate Communications:
More and more, companies are hosting virtual meetings to bring together all of their remote employees. Creating a quarterly webinar allows you to bring the president to each person's office for a 'State Of The Union' address, and to seek feedback from employees.
3. eLearning Delivery:
ELearning is widely used today as an extension of the classroom, usually covering a topic for educational purposes only. This method is popular in many professions where keeping your knowledge up to date requires continuing education, such as webinar courses.
4. Lead Generation:
Lead gen. webinars are a win-win situation. Your registrants gain access to your valuable content, while you collect their precious information (names, e-mail address, etc). They're also great because they serve as a talking point for your sales team, and it shows them that you have knowledge they want more of. 

5. Customer Retention/Nurturing:
If you think turning your qualified leads into buying customers is hard, wait until you give customer retention a try. Making your customers want to stay and become brand loyalists is a never-ending job. But webinars make it easy to nurture your customers by keeping them informed, answering their questions, and making you an approachable business partner. Ultimately, making them never want to leave.
6. Branding/Reputation Management:
Webinars can help build your brand awareness and industry-leader status by creating a relationship between your valuable content and your customers. This is accomplished by placing a company logo in your webinar's web room and branding all related materials appropriately. By doing so, anyone who attends the webinar will become familiarized with your brand, creating trust. And if your company claims to know a lot about a specific industry, webinars are also a great way to establish your credibility.

7. Provide Association Members Content:
If your customers are paying a monthly/annual fee of some sort for your service, webinars are a great way to make them feel like they are getting more back than what they paid for. Many associations offer webinars to their members at no additional cost, while charging a fee to those who are not part of the membership. This not only makes them feel exclusive but it adds value to your membership.

By Mwebya Fred  

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