The Behavior of Millenials in the Digital Age.

Let me start by defining Millenials in a simpler and clear way for everyone to understand. Millenials are youths both female and male that were born between 1984 to around 1994. Its complicated to learn and understand this group but it has even become harder in the social media age. Talk to any current CEOs about employing these young people and then they will express their excitement by emphasizing how good they are at technology and how miserable they are at EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and work behavior.

But what is the real challenge affecting today's youths? You may doubt it but here is my take on what I think is the prime problem; the youths have been lied to that all is simple and that they can live a fancy lifestyle without struggles. This behavior is particularly exhibited in the way youths interpret  the meaning of success and how fast they want to live a flamboyant lifestyle without putting in the work. If you have been watching the so called motivational speakers who have taken advantage of the internet to reach as many people as possible but they make everything seem a walk in paradise. These motivational speakers quite often forget to talk about how much effort they have put in to accumulate the wealth and riches they own. In fact many did not go to school and have decided to tell their fans how education is not a very important aspect of success, this has made it even worse because many millenials are now confused as to what the true formula of success is.

For many who may think like me, success is an end result of hard work but this has been kept away from the age group that forms a bigger percentage of tomorrow's leaders. As a result , the millennial behavior has been partially built as they show a high level of interest in doing different things but as soon as they are given opportunities they slowly but steadily lose the morale over a very short duration. They also think their ideas are the best that organizations need but unfortunately most of these ideas are theory that they can not put into practice.

The current age of technology poses a huge threat to the future business and political leaders as they are being lied to and made to believe that life is as simple as it gets. The truth has been hidden from them and this will deeply affect future economies of many states around the world.

By Mwebya Fred.