Introducing the Urb - Better Your City App.

By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. As the world rapidly urbanizes, cities have to provide basic social services while simultaneously driving sustainable and inclusive growth. This can be achieved with the right technologies.

Today we are deeply going to explore a new app built to improve public service delivery in cities in Africa. Urb App is Africa's first community participation platform for urban areas. The goal of Urb is to put public service accountability in the hands of citizens. Citizens set the agenda for change in their communities by sharing and reporting issues that affect them, and public service providers and policy makers directly engage with citizens for a more inclusive approach to better service delivery. This makes for better, smarter cities.
Authorities and service providers can respond to issues in real-time. The collective action by citizens to speak about their issues drives public service providers to be better accountable in their delivery and local governance. Conversely, access to issues raised in real-time enables providers to efficiently manage how they resolve these issues.
What is the benefit to citizens?

·       Real-time access and instant response to issues in your community

·       Faster engagement with authorities and service providers through social-media integration

·       Immediate receipt of important notifications from authorities and providers

·       Transparency and a voice for community.

 What is the benefit to public service providers?

·       Streamlined and accelerated service delivery using modern technology tools.

·       Improved efficiency with field workers through use of mobile solutions.

·       Engage citizens through an intuitive mobile app at any given time
Urb is free to use and you can download it here. Visit us on the web at For questions and/or support you can email Sparkplug at