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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Is Lawlessness Eating Up Our Society??

David Ojok who was lynched by students of Nkurumah Hall on Monday evening

After learning about the death of  David Ojok, a former ICT student who completed his degree course at the University last year was lynched by students who were reportedly mobilised by the Hall chairman. Its baffling and mind disturbing as to what has gone wrong with Uganda's oldest University.

I do not in anyway intend to attack anyone in the management of this University and the government officials in charge of Higher Education, but I am blaming we the Ugandans that have seen worse situations happen but have decided to keep quiet. For example , Can I assume that Makerere Students do not have an internal police post within the University or they do not know its use? Its so sheepish how such an incident where a very strong youth who completed an IT course last year was completely erased off the earth through very painful circumstances.

Yes its true, that we all do not seem to care about these actions in society that are greatly bringing down families and filling them with torment. I clearly imagine what the parents of David Ojok felt at the time this news landed into their ears, I am sure you too can not imagine. I remember following the story of a woman whose baby was run over by a vehicle that belonged to one of the powerful Authorities in the city, it took rounds of protest and scuffles simply for justice to be served.

What really happened to society that used to care about one another, the society that used to share and work together. Is it politics, religions or recently adopted modern cultures that have watered down the values that society used to have ? Its so remorseful how peoples lives are taken in absolutely circumstances that are un called for and society takes business as usual. I am not writing to pass judgment on society but I am actually wondering where the wonderful moral values that we had from the times of our great ancestors have gone? Its true that change starts with me but it is also true that change needs to be accepted by society. I have come up with a few suggestions that can help restore sanity in society.

My Suggestions include the following;

1. Empowering the Local councils that now seem to be mal-functional. While growing up I used to see people dragging all criminals and people that had issues to the chairmen Local council One for a hearing and decisions on issues disturbing society. Today people are always lynched by the mob which has brought more misery to society.

2. Makerere University management needs a reshuffle. Either individuals have over stayed at the University that they are now taking the institution for granted or individuals who really do not care about academic institutions and their growth find themselves employed there and they really do not give a damn about the University. As Uganda's oldest University , Makerere has the responsibility of being an example to the rest of the institutions both in academics and management standards.
Its now that I call upon all those who are in charge of Higher education in Parliament to launch a massive investigation into Makerere's management and reshuffle all those they deem inactive.

By Mwebya Fred


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