Laugh and Laugh

You may laugh and laugh.
Laugh at our lot,
Laugh until your ribs ache,
Look at us with contempt
Ridicule and belittle us
Avoid us like Plague…………..

You may laugh and laugh.
This destitution and ailment
Poverty and Deprivation
Are not of our making
We neither will nor desire them
We are circumstantially so,
Because you,
Who laugh and Make merry
In your aggrandizement
Greedily grab the common man’s share

You may lough and laugh,
That hypocritical look
Of pity and concern
Wipe off your face
For we see through it.
Enjoy your Laugh
While we gnash our teeth;
We have no remorse but,
One day, the tide will change
Then, those who laugh last
Shall laugh best.

Mwebya Fred