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Monday, 31 August 2015

Social Media and Blogging; Your Brand Awareness Solutions

It seems Retro to be talking about brand awareness through Social Media and Blogging, but many businesses especially service oriented still struggle to make their content stick. Content only does its job when the right people see the right posts and shares, and many marketers still struggle with this more than content creation itself. In a world where information is accessible to the wider community in society, it becomes relevant to create content that will clearly provide knowledge and information to the consumer, supplier and other business partners. Organizations that help their clients and partners make informed decisions always have a wider margin of customers brand loyalty than those that do not participate in helping their clients make informed choices.
There are factors that cannot be underestimated when it comes to brand awareness for any organization that is operating business. These include;

Find Your Market      
It’s too easy to assume that your target market use one particular Social Platform or another. Thankfully, each social platform is a search engine in and of itself, which makes it easy to find conversations about your industry, products and services. Use search to find the conversations and prove your propensity to discuss your chosen topics on a given platform before reaching out. Many times organizations forget to understand that the activities of their direct competitors on the web is what provides more ideas into what they have to put emphasis as they break out into the social media space.

Make your Social Media activity manageable.
After proper research and observation of the various social media platforms, you will probably find that you do not need to have a profile on each. The most important aspect is making your efforts sustainable and consistent on the platforms that make deeper impact for your business. The choice of which platforms to establish your presence is very significant.

Get Visual
Getting your content noticed in a noisy world of Social Media requires eye catching subject matter/Content.  That means content that contains images and videos that easily grab the attention of your target audience produce the best results. Many company websites have written out content but without visuals. Visuals communicate faster and are easy to remember by whoever has seen it.

 Keep it Native
It’s important to remember that not all social media platforms operate in the same way. Avoid the all too common mistake of Auto- osting all your tweets to Facebook timeline. Hash tags work best on Twitter but not Facebook. The operation dynamics of different social platforms differ from one another, do not treat them as though it were one platform. 

Establish an integrated Organizational/ Brand Strategies.
Involve key members in your organization to participate and support all the social media activities that are aimed at raising brand awareness. The members can be categorized into three supportive models of Social Media activity, namely;

          I.            Multiple Hub and Spoke- Here brands adopt a centralized hub of trained experts to assist individual departmental teams or spokes that focus on specific Social Media activities.

        II.            The Command Center – In this model Brands centralize their Social Media activities through a command center composed of trained personnel equipped with the right communication skills and monitoring tools at their disposal.

      III.            Holistic Approach – This model requires everyone in the organization to actively take part in Social Media activities usually by communicating and assisting customers who may have some queries or questions.

Social media is very important tool for brands who need to build strong relationship with customers. It can be helpful to understand their needs, demands and habits. Other hand there are still brands who feel threat to be online on social media and that feel threat that may be social media damage their reputation but many have realized that there are great opportunities to build strong relationship with customers and strengthen brand loyalty. It is very important that organizations understand that the importance of the Social Media and never perceived as a threat but opportunities to enhance the market and brand building.
Your brand should communicate to consumers like a human being, just the way you talk to people. Keep in mind, may be your conversation turn your irate consumer into your loyal one.

We are living in the era of internet where information spread like anything, so reputation of the organization has become a serious concern for companies if they are live on Social Media. Even the negative news are not entirely true but rival can quickly ruin a company’s image. Social Media monitoring can help you stay side by side of what is being said about your brand and how to deal in crisis in an immediate way.
Brand awareness is a huge phenomenon but once an organization is well equipped with the right teams to spearhead its digital and online awareness campaigns, the results are always amazing.

By Mwebya Fred

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