SMART Social Media Marketing Goals For Small and Medium Brands.

Many Small and Medium Brands (SMB) out there do not necessarily see the connection between establishing a social Media presence and their actual marketing efforts. The truth is that Social Media presence can have a tangible impact on your business, one that you can actually measure in terms of ROI. Social Media will not only help you raise and build awareness for your brand but also establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and ultimately generate leads. In fact a recent research by LinkedIn revealed that;

  • 81% of Small and Media Brands currently use Social Media to drive business growth and 9% are planning use it in the future.

  • 3 in 5 SMBs say it helps to gain new customers.

  • 91% of hyper growth SMBs say it is effective for increasing awareness and 82% for generating new leads – which is more than 58% higher than the stated effectiveness for non-growth companies.

Although social media may not be necessarily a short cut, it can definitely become a marketing power tool in your hands. So how can you build your Social Media power Engine? Let’s start from the basics;

1. Focus on the right Platforms.
The first most important thing in building a social media power engine is picking the right business for you. Simply put, the fact that there are various social media platforms out there does not mean you need to be present on each of them. The truth is that most consumers of your service or product expect your business to be active on all social media platforms especially Facebook and Twitter. Other clients expect that the brand should be present on at least four platforms. Despite these expectations, the same audience is likely to follow you on one or two platforms. The choice of platform depends entirely on the kind of business you are involved in and the kind of clients that consume your services or products.

2. Treat your social media pages as a landing page.
So if you are focusing on one-two social media platforms then you would better bring your A-game. So make sure your profiles are as well thought and optimized to work as a landing page. By looking at your page people should immediately know where to find you. Share your profiles in your emails, on your website and with your physical personal networks through business cards.
Focus more attention on the branding of your pages and the visuals that are used on the pages should communicate who you are. The visuals should also help those looking out for you to easily identify your brand.

3. Define clear Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Perhaps the most common mistakes Small and Medium Brands make is starting to tweet or Post on Facebook without really having a plan. If you have found yourself making the same mistake, just take a step back and try to answer these questions;

Why are you on Social Media?
Many SMBs tend to neglect defining what their social media marketing goals are. Social Media is a powerful tool so before investing your effort and time, it is very important to think about some of your marketing goals that Social Media will help you achieve. Is it brand awareness? Is it improving customer service? Is it generating traffic? Whatever your goal is Be SMART.

Specific- Be clear about what you want to achieve.
Measurable- Set goals that can be measured with specific criteria and metrics.
Attainable- Be realistic about your goals and make sure you have the necessary means and resources to achieve them.
Relevant- You goals need to be worthwhile and set to bring you forward.
Time-bound- Set the time frame and aim for a dead line 

What are your goals for each platform?
If you are present on more than one platform, it is important to define certain objectives on each. Of course there might be an overlap but there are reasons why you should define objectives of each platform. Do not be convinced at any one point that social media platforms are the same. Setting objectives will be very key during the time of evaluating your business achievements. 

How are you going to measure your success?
This is a very crucial step for social media marketing. Once you have set your SMART goals, it’s now time to set your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In other wards set the numbers that you need to crack to make sure that you are on the right track.

4. Maximize impact and Minimize time 

A social Media power engine is all about maximizing impact and minimize time. Managing social media can be a tedious and a time consuming task. In addition, managing social media for an SMB involves a lot of different tasks like engaging with audience, building a community, posting and curating content. In some cases you may have to automate posts to your time lines for efficiency and consistence. Personally I have found Klout a very important as far as scheduling posts is concerned. 

Its now your turn to share those crucial and important steps that you think are very important when it comes to social media for Small and Medium Brands Success. 

By Mwebya Fred