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Monday, 29 August 2016

If Technology took over today, would the African Economy Survive?

I am very excited to be writing about this awesome topic that has left industries and economies wondering the right path to take. You may be shocked by the relationship between technology and growth of the current and future economies. My intention today is not to discuss the genesis of the science that has made technology a mega topic of discussion in global political and business summits.

Thirty years ago, nobody thought the internet would be as powerful as it is today, little did we expect that banking halls would run empty as clients are busy online transacting business.  I am not a prophet of technology but with the daily experience of the massive changes across the political, social and economic landscapes, I certainly gain the confidence to say Technology is the future.

Having emphasized the fact that Technology is the future, I am just curious how many of us are ready to run into the future? A future that is unpredictable and a future that has got a disruptive force that has never been experienced by mankind! Now that I already stated how difficult or easy it is going to be for decision makers to make choices about clients and markets simply because the market is so unpredictable, how does one get started with technology today?
We all can and should embrace science first and appreciate its role in our day to day lives if we are to stand on a clear path to embrace the new technology that even makes life much better. A man that has never owned a landline or mobile phone will be the first one to describe how nice it feels to physically write letters on paper to friends because it’s a real genuine feeling. True, I do not dispute the fact that it feels good however the real happiness will happen when such a man learns that he can send 100 emails in one minute to 100 different people.
We all have levels where we have reached as far as embracing technology and all its tools in our domestic and work life is concerned. All that it takes is to keep advancing as new sciences of technology are being innovated.  Organizations and Business owners need not to forget that what was once a fiction movie of holding a virtual reality meeting with different people around the globe is no longer a Hollywood movie but a reality.
Beginning from the health sector where doctors are frequently experimenting new technologies of healing and solving health issues affecting humans around the globe to the space science that has given many governments sleepless nights on how to conquer space.  Every country’s power is at a test because those that rise up above others in the sense of technology superiority will have all the power to control future resources and the choices made around these resources.
It’s at this point that I really want to recognize a very promising future of technology in Uganda and in Africa as a whole. However here is my meaningful word to all those governments aiming at growing technology in their economies;
Technology does not only refer to the usage of internet and internet related tools. The African governments need to build capacity to be able to innovate and apply the knowledge of science to solve political, social and economic challenges that are affecting the continent. Our growth in technology should be inclusive and should also cater for all individuals in the different sectors.  Agriculture, Education, Sports, Health and Entertainment should all be considered in the strategies that aim at advancing technology in Africa.
I will end this article by asking again, If technology takes over today, will the African economy or your business survive? You answer could be the right guess as mine, feel free to share with me in the comments section.

By Mwebya Fred

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