Social Media subscribes to the power of the majority, LISTEN!!!

On 9th August 2015, I wrote an article “Do Not Kill Your Business; Learn How To Handle Social Media Crisis.” I clearly mentioned it that social media does not have a perfect formula. Its trends and stories will favor you when you clearly do more listening than talking and defending yourself.
With the current trending tough hash tags on twitter; #No2Violence and #IStandWithHellen, it’s no longer news that the debate is gaining momentum every single minute on social media and the repercussions can be devastating if not handled well. Growing unpopularity in services, financial loss due to loss of customers and being listed red as one of those institutions that disrespect employees are some of the negative results that can befall your brand simply because you did not listen.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is no brand that is bigger than its employees and customers. In orderto handle Crisis, be willing to listen to what the complaints are before reacting. Avoid misfiring on Social Media. During the conversation, endeavor to listen carefully to what the complainant considers poor service delivery so that a proper report can be sent to those in charge to follow up with the matter. You do not want your brand caught on the wrong side of disrespecting human rights and freedoms. 
Once the crisis has been solved and the Public Relations team is ready to communicate to their clients, always ensure that the communication is passed out to as many channels as possible and indicating that the organization regrets the inconveniences caused to their esteemed customers. Now that you know there is no organization that predicts when a social media crisis will happen, it’s key to learn and put measures in place that can quickly and efficiently handle any crisis that happens in the future.
Organizations always need to remember that Social Media communication can devastatingly damage the company image and reputation if not carefully handled and dealt with. Whether using a contracted party or staff to run the Social Media platforms, it is advisable to keep them in-house for quicker and faster responses during the crisis time.

 By Mwebya Fred