Mentorship - the Missing Bridge in Skilling Youths.

By Mwebya Fred:
Having the right information and the power to use it to impact the decisions youths make today requires an effort from those experienced to share with the youths. Ask any CEOs as to why youth unemployment is critically but deeply biting current University graduates, many will tell you that most of the graduates are not skilled. One wonders when is the right time to equip youths with the right skills and who should we actually pin for failing to achieve the skilling of youths? Depending on the context in which you examine the issue, the fact of the matter is that our system has done a very good job of exposing youths to the theories during their education with very limited exposure to the real world practical lessons that shape skills.
One may wonder, just how important it is to expose youths to the real world practical lessons which enhance skills that can enable young people to become more enterprising and self-reliant. There arevarious advantages of youth mentorship than one can mention , however that and more is what is going to happen this September as youths between the ages of 16 to 23 years make their way to Kitante Primary School in Kampala.
The Career Imagination Program will this September (5th to 7th) hold a hands on holiday training program at Kitante Primary School in Kampala. This program is focused towards empowering youths to make informed decisions by equipping them with practical skills and reliable accurate information. CIP is engaging youths under the age of 28 years to take charge of their lives and improve their socio-economic status thereby changing lives.

About the Career Imagination Program ( CIP )
To prepare and inspire young Ugandans to succeed in the global economy.


To inspire a generation of Ugandan youths to use their natural talents, inspirations, passions and determinations to become business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
Core Values

1. Passion for what we do and honesty, integrity and Excellency in how we do it.
2. Belief in full potential of the young people.
1. To create a more critical mass of skilled and innovative young professionals.
2. To advocate for a skilled based education in Uganda.

3. To provide training opportunities for young people.
4. To become a hub for information for the youth about available employment opportunities

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