THREAD: 7 Marketing Trends to help you DOMINATE Social Media - #7Ways

This article was inspired by a twitter thread that I wrote on my handle about 7 Marketing Trends to help you DOMINATE Social Media - #7Ways
1. Small Businesses will eat big brands.
This is because most big brands are terrible at social media and online content.
Authenticity and storytelling is how small companies win. Allow your consumers to fully understand you and your products.
“Authenticity is something that gets a brand genuine Customers.. Great Storytelling increases their love to Engage. Which means you winning “ by @fortunedavid
2. Video is going to dominate the future of social media and storytelling. There is too much written content and visual is next.
“Yes I admit Video Marketing is the Future on social media marketing. Brands should jump onto the Visual content wagon.”- By @fortunedavid
When you see companies like Facebook, Twitter, Sanpchat, Instagram, Whats App, Instagram investing in Video, it’s a sign of the future.
“Also I believe brands should take time and create very captivating videos. They shouldn't just post videos which are not nice.” By @fortunedavid
 3. Mobile will win.
The ability to target your customers on mobile will greatly empower your brand. Desktops are old skul, change the game.
“That's true. Desktop is old, Mobile is new. Brands should fight hard to be mobile friendly bcos Right now more than 1/2 of the globe uses smartphones.” By @fortunedavid
Very soon as you plan your next website, apps and other softwares, start thinking about a mobile phone.
4. Advertising Costs will rise. If you have advertised on FB before you are a witness, get ready 4 paid media because it going to be the trend.
“Evident these days, Paid reach nowadays reaches more people than Traditional media. It's definitely rising at a high speed.” By @fortunedavid
5. Influencer Marketing will EXPLODE!
It’s not about the size of your advertising budget; it’s about the right people to talk about your brand.
“ #InfluencerMarketing is my best Marketing trend. It's doing well.
The thing  y'all should know is CHOOSING THE RIGHT #INFLUENCER IS KEY.” By @fortunedavid
You have to realize that the people with a trusted voice today are not the big media networks alone, individuals influence numbers too.
6. Content will grow.
Informative and educative content about your services and product will greatly aid customer choices. Tap into it.
“I've said this a number of times 👉People/Audience will only associate with your brand if it’s solving 1 or 2 of their problems” By @fortunedavid
You need to find a unique way of telling your story so as to encourage your customers to feel easy sharing it with their peers.
When it comes to online, it’s about attention trading, so once in a while routine is highly discouraged. Find something to share daily.
7. Data Nerds will Reign.
It’s good to be on social media but NEVER forget to use the analytics to make your choices and decisions.
It may sound strange but you need data experts to help you learn about SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM and AdWords. Thanks Stay Blessed.


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