THREAD: The Role of Digital and Social Media Marketing in Consumer Behavior ,PART 1

This Thread closely looks at how consumers’ experience, influence, and are influenced. It was originally featured on my twitter handle, click here for details on twitter.
1. Let’s focus on (i) consumer digital culture, (ii) digital advertising, (iii) Mobile and (iv) online Word of Mouth (WOM).
2. Using the internet, social media, mobile apps, and other digital communication technologies has become part of people’s daily lives.
3. Today, Younger people (the next generation of mass consumers) are increasingly spending time online, an average of 20.5 hours per week.
4. Over the last decade the number of hours spent online by adults has more than doubled. This makes digital and social media a real Force.
5. Worldwide there are now more than 2 billion people using social media & Facebook alone now has approximately 1B active users per day.
6. Clearly, people are exposing themselves to more and more digital and social media, as they search for information about products & Services.
7. Consumers use SM to search for information about products, purchase and consume them, and communicate with others about their experiences.
8. Marketers have to respond to this fundamental shift by increasing their use of digital marketing channels to target customers.
9. Rest assured that future consumer marketing will largely be carried out in digital settings, particularly social media and mobile.
10. It is therefore necessary for businesses to invest in consumer research to examine and understand consumer behavior in the digital era.
11. As you embrace digital channels please note the ever-changing nature of the digital/social media/mobile environments. It’s important.
By Mwebya Fred



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