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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

THREAD: The Role of Digital and Social Media Marketing in Consumer Behavior. PART 2.

The Role of Digital and Social Media Marketing in Consumer Behavior. How consumers are influenced to behave in a specific manner towards brands. The thread initially appeared on my twitter handle. Click here 

1. In this thread, I am deeply going to discuss how consumers can use Social Medai to tell their experiences and become brand influencers.
2. When brands provide useful information to their customers as to why they do the things they do, then this empowers customers & consumers.
3. 3. Brands also need to remember that consumers have multiple selves due to possessing multiple online "personas" on SM different platforms.
4. Well informed and educated customers become the true sound for brands through sharing their experiences via blogs, vlogs and SM posts.
5. Many brands make a mistake by thinking being a celebrity is being an influence, this is not true. Influencers need to be your customers.
6. If you want celebrities to become your brand influencers, first do the work of making them become your customer and the rest will follow.
7. "Megaphone effect" is the ability for regular consumers to access large audiences through digital/social media.
8. Successful marketing is not about the money, successful marketing about brands making sure customers understand the Brand's "WHY"
9. Brands need to understand that the more powerful customers in society you draw to yourself the better at influencing others.
10. It is because of the "megaphone effect," that bloggers will forever remain important brand voices. They do build audiences.
11. The reason, Apple, Cocacola, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Amazon & Range Rover are powerful is because they first explain their "WHY" not "WHAT"
12. In a SM setting an influencer makes recommendations that signal his/her expertise to others. People believe they have a good taste.
13. Dear brands, Digital advertising is a major part of business today, with respect to consumer behavior, Do more Social Media Listening.
14. There is no point in spending money on social media campaigns without a landing page either a website or a blog. Think beyond Timelines.
15. There is no effective Social Media ROI if your brand keeps running away from negative feedback. Do not block people unless its COBC issue.
16. Ensure your dynamic website is as easy as possible to use without customers ever feeling unsafe, call it consumer digital privacy.
17. Never neglect search engine advertising & Search Engine Optimization, its important to know keywords that are more popular than others.
18. Allow yourself to be exposed to other consumers’ opinions (e.g., reviews) or choices (e.g., bids in online auctions) , you are Listening.
19. Consumer behavior in mobile settings is also increasingly important, as consumers use mobile devices more frequently.  See how to fit in.
20. Make use of social media live sessions to increase your Online Word of Mouth (WoM) marketing. Both voice and online posts matter.


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