Are you using Social Media Effectively?

By Mwebya Ftred, @Ugaman01

First of all let me explain this , Social media is not the internet as many people call it these days. Social media are website applications used to communicate through instant messaging and postings both visual and written content. Hence Social media is the current state of the Internet due to the fact that social tools are more applied by almost 80% of the total internet users across the globe.

There are numerous uses of Social Media depending on your interests, industry and intentions although there are some that are fundamental uses. These include;

1. Social Communication Tool.
Social Media is a social tool for communication between people. These tools connect people of similar interests,backgrounds and passions. Some platforms like Twitter will let you communicate to anyone while others will only let you connect with only the people that you know. Whatever the situation is ,we just need to appreciate this fundamental use of Social media as a communication tool.

2. Selling and Buying ideas.
I know at the mention of the word selling and buying many of us will quickly run to think that social media is a market, No social media is not a market but it's a platform for seeking attention. Let me explain, social media platforms are as effective as their attention grabbing features and because of that many individuals and organizations use social tools to sell their ideas to the wider community and in return they receive feedback inform of Likes, comments and impressions which are later on used to make decisions. The higher your capability to grab attention the more likely you are to succeed at using Social media.

3. Raising Awareness.
Whether you are a photographer, a writer, musician or an entrepreneur, Social Media will help you raise awareness within your immediate online social circles or even wider social networks through paid ads or promoted online content. The raising awareness about a given subject, product or service is what many people call social media marketing. Please note that failure to correctly and attractively raise awareness or market your services to your social media community will give you limited results. Like we said above having the capability to grab people's attention will greatly improve your results. Many things can happen once there is proper awareness of anything, improvement in sales levels hence a better Return On Investment (ROI).

4. For Fun.
I know quite a number of people that take social media too serious that they even find it difficult to have some fun. Let me first address my self to these serious individuals who think a little bit of fun will spoil their online social lives . Sharing the things that excite you and bring a true sense of humor and happiness is what having fun is all about. Let me now talk to the individuals that love fun but end up over doing it and they lose in the end. People love to smile and get excited at your incredible fun posts although you sholuld not over do it as you may slowly but steadily lose the attention of your audience over time.

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