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Sunday, 28 October 2012


Keeping Promises
No matter how positive an interaction you have with a customer, the most important action is following up on a promise. Promising but not following up, is the #1 capital offense for anyone providing customer service.
*Being Accountable
In order for any company to succeed with its customer service program, it must make every employee accountable for their promises, even if the responsibility moves out of their hands.

*Following Up
Even when you cannot provide the total solution, you can follow up to make sure the ball hasn't been dropped — and that you have a customer who is pleasantly satisfied even in the face of initial disappointment. This is crucial because lack of follow-up leads customers to think less of you and your company.

*Following Up Shows Appreciation
Everybody wants to be appreciated for his or her actions. Appreciation is conveyed through follow-up. Customers spend their money where they feel appreciated. And today, there are plenty of other options for your customers. Other companies that show that they appreciate customers will get their business.

When you don't follow up to make sure a customer's needs have been met, you leave your customer with one or more undesirable impressions:

  • You don't care.
  • The customer can't trust your company.
  • Your company is irresponsible.
  • Your company doesn't want the customer's business.
                                                                       By Mwebya Fred

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