From 2 classroom blocks to now 8 classrooms with more than 200 pupils. Its no doubt that Loving Hearts Helping Hands is changing many children's lives in Uganda. As one of our values to Support Charity Campaigns , Mind Leaders Uganda has decided to feature the Loving Hearts Helping Hands project so as to reach out to our esteemed readers to come on board and change a child's life.

Didan Atukunda (Ugandan) and his wife, Crystal Evans Atukunda (Canandian/ American) were married seven years ago. Shortly after marrying they birthed a dream to make a difference. Their dream was to provide a safe and loving environment for children to learn and grow in. They named their project Loving Hearts Helping Hands, they knew its only through working together with local and global loving hearts and helping hands that their dream could be realized. Their children’s outreach program is a part of their overall identity as Loving Hearts Uganda which includes their hotel Bunyonyi View, Tours and Travel, and Fair Trade Crafts.
Atukunda and his wife Crystal

They started their children's outreach with two small classrooms. It has now grown to include 8 classrooms providing services for over 200 children, housing for some of the staff and children, clean water, and farming projects. Many of the children in their care come from homes destroyed by alcoholism, abuse, and poverty. Many of these children have lost one or both parents due to a variety of reasons including child birth, sickness, AIDS, suicide, and accidents. These children need our love.

They are now embarking on their largest undertaking so far: opening a Solar Powered Computer lab.  Currently they are raising funds for tablets and laptops that will be used in the classroom.  Loving Hearts Helping Hands is aiming to purchase15-30 tablets and laptops to start off the lab!
Computers and tablets will enhance the learning of students in immeasurable ways. Imagine exploring the internet for the first time, searching for answers to any question you may have about the world. Imagine being able to engage your students of any level using tablets to individualize their assignments. Imagine the limited world of an orphan in Uganda, and then imagine this world being completely opened up as they are able to watch videos and see images from all over the world.
As a child, Didan’s father died while his mother was pregnant and later his mother died when he was a teenager. He didn’t let his negative experiences bring him down, rather he decided that he must rise and help others rise as well. He decided that as a Ugandan he must face and do something about the startling statistics of Uganda. His success story is our success story. And the children he is reaching out to are ready to write their own success stories. We can help them write their stories.
The published statistics that we must fight as Uganda are:
Uganda is suffering from poverty, underemployment and a lack of education. The average Gross National Income for Ugandans is $36 per month. Out of every 100 students who start Primary School, only 25 children will complete primary school. Uganda has a youth unemployment rate of 64%. Uganda is ready for change. Uganda is ready for hope. We welcome all those who wish to create change and bring a better tomorrow for these children

 Far too often, as people, communities, and Ugandan’s it is easy to think that somebody else is responsible for change. However, the powerful reality is that we as Ugandan’s are powerful people capable of making choices to help each other, believe in and cheer for our children and youth, and be the change we want to see in the world. This is a great opportunity for Ugandan’s to come together and offer their support. Sometimes in the busy hustle of work and traffic we forget that we can pause and make a difference. This is an opportunity to show the next generation that we care. In addition if you reach out to Loving Hearts Uganda and provide your email and social media links they will be happy to share updates on the computer lab as well as their projects in general. Join the Loving Hearts Uganda team!

Your donation of any amount will directly benefit these young scholars, helping them reach their dreams and improve their futures. Thank you for joining Your Loving Hearts and Your Helping Hands, to make a huge difference in the lives of many children.
For more information about Loving Hearts Helping hands please visit  and for all those Good hearted people around the globe who would wish to contribute $1 or $2 please visit

“Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.” -Moliere

By Mwebya Fred




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