Blame not my thoughts but the perpetrators of modern day slavery. I am not an Angel and I do not believe in begging for food Everyday. It saddens me and makes want to cry every time  I hear or watch an advert calling on Ugandan Graduates to throw in their papers to go abroad and become drivers and Security Guards in the United Arab Emirates. Every time I remember the 16 years I spent in school not counting the pre-primary school because that I missed. A lot of questions fill my small brain and leave me wondering who has not done enough to save the Ugandan educated youths from the misery that befalls them in search for a better life.

Parents spend all that they have educating their children to be better people after school, but only to find themselves selling a plot of land to contribute 4 million shillings to buy an air ticket that will enable their sons and daughters land in foreign lands and become security guards and drivers. Till this day I have never known whether the firms that are hiring these youths are Investments in our economy or they are taking away the potential people that can make this land better.

Forgive my ignorance if it offends you, I somehow applaud the Tanzanian Government for the efforts its taking to think about its People in-terms of employment. It does not make sense to buy food for your neighbors and let your own starve. I know a few people will argue that its fine to go abroad and become a driver or a security guard until you hear or watch the stories of those that curse the day they made a decision to Leave.

If you let all go, who will build your House? From the news that I watch and papers I read it actually gives me a feeling that there are many innocent Ugandan Youths who are suffering out there in the hands of their "Masters". Not only are they paid poorly but also made to do things against their own will and beliefs. Surprisingly I hear of officials trying as much as possible to export Ugandan medical personnels to Foreign whether in strengthening of foreign relationships or creating jobs for the unemployed the reason is still unclear up to this day.

Many people are still suffering in hospitals due to lack of enough medical personnels in the health centers and many schools have less than ten teachers teaching the children and the future of the land. Amidst all these dilemmas,   those that handle issues of society the "Elite" go ahead and recommend sending away people that can actually offer service to this wonderful Pearl of Africa to become a better country. I am not a politician , if you are one do not even think I am addressing my self to you, No I am not. I am only talking to those people who are concerned about modern day slavery.

I sometimes blame my self why I read some stories in the news papers and anxiously wait for a reaction from the concerned individuals to react and take action but all my expectation are always futile. The aura that surrounds these events is actually one that is heart breaking but for those who sell Gold to buy Copper they paint it and sugar coat it. Until the day when "Officials" will come out and care about their own people I will not stop weeping tears that will follow all those that sugar coat sour bread with sugary icing.

I am actually praying that among those that will read this article is one who deals with  those Firms that encourage Educated Ugandan Youths go abroad and acquire "Masters" who they serve and forcefully respect in this modern day age and era. I am also sure that at least one  or two government officials will read this and ignore it because its none of their concern to care about others. I am powerless and all I have is my pen and paper but I know one day somebody will react to this piece of writing. We are better off struggling to solve our problems than solving those of our Long Distance neighbors.

The thoughts and ideas expressed in the above article are entirely my own and they do not intend to attack anyone apart from the one who is Selling Gold and Buying Copper for His own House.

By Mwebya Fred



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