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Monday, 23 March 2015

KAYMU FASHION WEEK: Five Must Haves For Every Girl!!

This week Mind Leaders Uganda gives a Sneak Peek into the Kaymu Fashion Week and  bring to our Readers the Five Must Haves For Every Girl.
A lady’s wardrobe is an extension of her personality. Stocked with everything from essentials to frivolous knick knacks, it is equipped with everything that a lady needs. Kaymu brings you some top picks which are absolute must-haves that every lady needs to have in her closet.
Red Lipstick

A rich red or burgundy shade of lipstick is something that you are most likely to find in any lady’s hand bag. Whether it is a casual brunch or a date after work, red lipstick can work wonders and change your look from casual to classy. Be sure to take note of your skin tone when buying your lipstick though. Luckily, there are many shades of red to go around, so go for it!

Pastel Shirt

 A pastel or white shirt is one of those evergreen classics which will never go out of style. This too can be versatile and can help you work the look in an office environment or even a casual night out. Most women prefer a blouse which is slightly fitted because something that is too loose could make you look boxy and that’s definitely something you do not want!

Trusty Heels
The term “killer heels” is a cliché for a good reason. A pair of heels can absolutely transform any outfit that a lady may choose to wear. Whether it’s a business meeting or a night out in the town, nothing helps boost your confidence like a pair of heels! The best heels strike between balance and comfort and at the same time manage to add the extra oomph!

Blue Jeans
Another classic like the white shirt is the pair of classic blue jeans. Fitted, versatile and high on the comfort quotient, blue jeans fit in with every season and every kind of outfit - moreover they can also transition from casual to formal in a jiffy!

Little Black Dress

 When in doubt, go for a little black dress, like the legendary Coco Chanel. Before a night out in the town every girl spends at least an hour debating over what to wear - which is where the trusty little black dress comes in! It is important to get the best fit and style so the dress is indeed trusty.

Kaymu’s fashion week will run from 20th-March-2015. You can find all of these must-haves or fashion essentials for your style online! Visit

You can also post your fashion photo on their Facebook page  to WIN GREAT FASHION PRIZES!!


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